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At Friday’s Viennese Ball (which was, incidentally, beautiful and fun), Decadence performed a fusion dance piece combining Bhangra, an Indian dance from the Panjab region, and Schottische. It was very energetic and entertaining, and what made it work for me was the music, which was incredibly lively and catchy and rhythmic. So I poked around on Amazon and iTunes and discovered that “Bhangra” also refers to the musical accompaniment of the dance of the same name. More recently, it has come to refer to a pop or dance style fusing traditional Bhangra with modern beats from techno, reggae, and disco. I’ve found a couple of fun songs and decided this will do quite nicely for a new musical obsession. In other musical news, I was introduced to a band called Ratatat by my sister – they do what one person described as “mamba electronic music with some processed guitar thrown into it.” I kinda like their lyricless electronic rock. Addtionally, I was inspired by the preview for the upcoming remake of The Shaggy Dog (which doesn’t look worth seeing at all, by the way) to dig up “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton. Gotta have that funk…

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  1. wyterabbit wrote: Posted 01 Jan 0001 at 00:00
  2. crinklebat wrote:

    Hahahaha, Atomic Dog will always take me back to my good old trusty WTP laptop. I had a sick selection of funk classics on that baby.

    Added you on :)

    Posted 26 Feb 2006 at 07:18
  3. wyterabbit wrote:

    Yup, definitely takes me back to that ridiculously humid sixth floor room and our trusty laptops full of downloaded music. What did you name your comp again…Isabelle?

    Posted 26 Feb 2006 at 09:15
  4. crinklebat wrote:

    Snap. I totally forgot, but yeah, it was absolutely for sure Isabel. Awesome memory, homes.

    Posted 26 Feb 2006 at 14:59

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