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I spent part of this afternoon going through a stack of papers in my mother’s room. There were many newspaper clippings, turning yellow with age, and scattered among them were sheets or scraps of paper full of life’s scribbles: lists of things to do, directions to someone’s house, indecipherable names and phone numbers. Junk, mostly, […]

Break up

Thank you for all of the hugs; you all are very generous to give them without even knowing why. As many of you know, David broke up with me in January and we got back together in March. Just this last week, unexpectedly, David once again expressed some of the same sentiments that had caused […]


I feel as though I should be hurting terribly. I think I’m not because I’m still in shock or denial or something. Apologies for being cryptic; blame confusion and perhaps bitterness.

Gotta love San Francisco

I’m transcribing interview between two gay young men who live in San Francisco. They are discussing the difference between L.A. and S.F. and one of them says “I think up here it’s like you’re gay until proven otherwise” Heh.

Hard Questions

I know many of you are in successful/long-term/happy relationships. So I pose these questions with the hopes that you may have insights or experiences to share. I am asking myself questions, and I find I cannot truly answer many of them. Perhaps they don’t have absolute answers. In the broadest sense, I wonder: What is […]

Join the Red Oyster Cult: or Why I Love Guster

So I got hooked by the song “Either Way” which is beautiful and moving. I stayed hooked due to the interesting percussion (lots of hand drums)and harmonizing vocals. But the final stone that cements Guster’s lasting power in my music collection is their lyrics. Once the sounds of songs have washed over me many times […]

Long meme

Taken from , this is a long and self-absorbed sort of meme but I’m bored so if you’re bored too you can read it. 001. I miss somebody right now. 002. I watch more tv than I used to. 003. I love olives. 004. I love sleeping. 005. I own a home. 006. I wear […]

I give in

A silly meme, but I was pleased with the result (which doesn’t mean it’s accurate) You’re a Ravenpuff!: You are a very analytical and ingenius person, someone that likes to invent new things. The way you look at life is with wonder, and sometimes you’re even a little naive. But people love you for that […]


It came to my attention that I never posted an entry about my trip to Greece. At this point I don’t want to write a detailed recap, and I doubt you want to read one, but I’ll try to summarize. We mostly stayed in Athens and visited all sorts of beautiful, awe-inspiring temples and archaelogical […]

Waaah birthdays

So many I can’t keep track of them all! So if your birthday is this week, happy birthday! So far in SGS we have July 19 – Bergy July 20 – Sarah July 21 – Henry July 22 – Kris July 23 – Max I kid you not – five whole days of birthdays in […]