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I hope everyone had a happy Christmas or is having a happy Hannukah. Thanks for all the book recommendations; I’m heading down to my local library in a bit to pick up some of them! By the way, does anyone own a copy of Ready, Okay!? My library system doesn’t have it.

I’ve been wanting to get an external hard drive for a long time. My dad got me one for Christmas which is very nice, but not very portable. I’m considering exchanging it for a more portable drive, but I wanted to know what other people recommend. Both drives are USB 2.0, are supposed to be easy-to-use and quiet, and have 1-year warranties. They also (currently, thanks to a rebate at Fry’s) cost the same thing ($100).

Option 1: Iomega 80GB Desktop Hard Drive (More Information)
7200 RPM
8 MB Buffer cache
Weighs 2 lbs
Powered by external power cord
Not portable – heavy, requires external power

Option 2: Hammer 80GB Portable Hard Drive (More Information)
4200 RPM
2 MB Buffer cache
Weighs 6.8 oz
No external power (powered through USB connection)
Generally slower – lower RPM, smaller buffer, higher average seek time/latency.

So the basic tradeoff is between portability and performance. Thoughts? I don’t have any sense of what the tangible difference would be between 7200 RPM and 4200 RPM. Would I notice it? Would the slower option prevent me from, say, playing music or games from the drive? Any input would be appreciated!

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  1. voltaire042 wrote:

    How important is portability anyway? I hope you’re not planning on taking it everywhere you take your laptop… If it’s just going to stay on your desk the vast majority of the time then I’d go for more power.

    Honestly though, I have no experience with portable/external hard drives… is it even reasonable to run a game (like World of Warcraft) off one?

    Posted 26 Dec 2005 at 04:05
  2. onetruedavid wrote:

    Music would be fine from both. The read rates on, like, old-school floppy disks are fast enough to play MP3s. Don’t try to run WoW off of the second, though – 4200 rpm and a 2 meg buffer would be very noticeably slower for hard drive intensive things such as games or video editing or what have you.

    So yeah, it really depends what you want to use it for. If it’s just for music, photos, and some anime or whatever, the second one is fine. If you want to run games off of it, however, you really want the first one. I’ve generally found, though, that once you get music/photos/movies off of your main hard drive, games fit with no problem.

    Posted 26 Dec 2005 at 05:36
  3. zaldreon wrote:

    Peter and I both own copies of “Ready, Okay!” Mine is here at home; It is a somewhat large and bulky book. I can bring my copy back to school with me if Peter doesn’t already have his copy at school, or if he’s prefer not to lend out his copy.

    Posted 26 Dec 2005 at 05:39
  4. zero_the_fool wrote:

    I’m pretty sure mine’s still at school, and I have no problem with lending it out.

    Posted 26 Dec 2005 at 08:42
  5. wyterabbit wrote:


    Posted 26 Dec 2005 at 10:40

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