Gotta love San Francisco

I’m transcribing interview between two gay young men who live in San Francisco. They are discussing the difference between L.A. and S.F. and one of them says

“I think up here it’s like you’re gay until proven otherwise”


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  1. liberateanimum wrote:


    o_O !!!

    ::doesn’t look where he’s going::
    ::hits his head on a bar::

    Posted 25 Aug 2005 at 07:24
  2. wyterabbit wrote:


    Posted 25 Aug 2005 at 08:51
  3. liberateanimum wrote:

    You know, gay people, AHHH, run away?

    Posted 25 Aug 2005 at 09:42
  4. lightswitch23 wrote:

    My friend went to a Rufus Wainwright Ben Folds concert in SF and talked about how he felt peeing in the bathroom knowing that on all sides of him he wsa ebing checked out. it made me smile. and i love rufus. he’s a hawtie.

    Posted 25 Aug 2005 at 12:53
  5. thefire8472 wrote:

    Yeah, definitely gay until proven otherwise. Why do the gay men find me so attractive?

    Posted 25 Aug 2005 at 22:28

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