Tonight when David and I got back from Howl’s Moving Castle (which was entertaining and odd) we pulled into the driveway behind the dorm and could hear loud music (O-Zone’s Dragosta Din Tei, to be specific) pounding from the building. Looking up, it was the room *right* below mine and there were people dancing. I was so … taken aback and, well, frightened, really, that I retreated to Mirrielees. Regathering my courage, I resolved to return to Manz and ask the people to please turn it down. I got to the door of the offending room and was further taken aback to see that it was the room of another Buck scholar. I had to ask one of his friends to turn the music down. Now I’m feeling a little bit confused and disillusioned; maybe I just need to get more down to earth and become less naive and critical. But I just can’t bear it when people so obnoxiously intrude on others’ peace and sanity. It’s not polite.

So the music’s down, though I can still feel the subwoofer, and I’m heading to bed after a long first week back at Stanford. Happy birthday to Pat, by the way.

Sleep, my doors are open, I beg you to come in…

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  1. crinklebat wrote:

    No way, you’re at Stanford? I’m living in Rains. My boyfriend is out of town for all of next week and I am dying to see people. My family’s in town this weekend, so I’m kind of busy, but – well, give a call.

    Posted 02 Jul 2005 at 00:46
  2. semer wrote:

    Rowyn! I didn’t know you were back because I forgot when you were going to be gone until! I missed you! :)

    Posted 02 Jul 2005 at 03:35
  3. anonymous wrote:

    It’s Pat: thank you for the bday wishes. And maybe I can send you some of my sleepiness. I have quite enough for the both of us.

    Posted 06 Jul 2005 at 16:08

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