There are angry words inside my head. Angry words which make me sad. They live inside, and I don’t want them to ever come outside. Inside they stomp around and hurt me, since they can’t reach anyone else. Sometimes they sneak out into my hands and make me want to hit things. They make me want to cry.

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  1. avalonxq wrote:

    *mews sympathetically*

    Posted 26 May 2005 at 13:13
  2. pandoradeloeste wrote:

    ::offers hugs and chocolate::

    Posted 26 May 2005 at 13:39
  3. shadowyvern wrote:

    Remember that you’ve got friends to whom you can talk and vent. As the sayings go, pain shared is pain halved, and we all can use somebody to lean on..

    Posted 26 May 2005 at 17:12
  4. 2_ragged_claws wrote:

    Ditto what Mike said, with the addition that there are counselors at Vaden you can talk to for free if you feel so inclined. I’ve found that holding things in, especially bad things, only makes you miserable and bitter. Better to vent to a friend who will understand and forgive you then let it fester. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

    Posted 26 May 2005 at 17:33
  5. prismakaos wrote:

    mrr. you know my number. *hugs*

    Posted 26 May 2005 at 18:32
  6. semer wrote:

    let’s have a bitching about things fest… it’ll be fun, really!

    *hugs* feel better!

    Posted 26 May 2005 at 19:27

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