I haven’t updated in a bit, but now I think I’ve forgotten most of what I would have written anyway. This week was unbelievably summery; I felt as though I could smell summer in the air… a faint hint of honeysuckle and sunscreen. I hope it doesn’t just keep getting warmer until June, though, because the heat gets awfully stifling on the third floor here. I have been studying for finals, but I can’t bring myself to actually be worried about CS or French. It is an odd feeling to have free time pre-finals week; I’m guessing I won’t have too many other quarters like this one. In retrospect I feel as though it must have all worked out for a reason; this quarter was the lightest I’ve done yet academically, but the heaviest emotionally. Next quarter I expected will have a more normal balance of academic and personal life. But speaking of balance, I need to start my linguistics final and then go visit my family at my grandmother’s house. Good luck to everyone in studying and writing this week.

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