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Step 1: Open your Winamp or other MP3 player. (I’m pretty sure “your Winamp” violates some gramatical rule…)
Step 2: Put all of your music on random. (Er, set play order to shuffle)
Step 3: Write down (or copy) the first twenty songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing. (Embarassing? Ha!)
Step 4: Post results and wait for complaints about the esoteric nature of your mp3s. (Note: All complaints will be summarily reviewed and ignored. With the review step considered optional)

1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (John Williams) – “Monsters and Boggarts.” Can’t say I recall ever hearing this before.
2. Spice Girls – “Do It.” Because everyone needs 90s pop.
3. BYU Vocal Point – “Scottish Spring.” Hehehehe ah college a cappella groups…
4. Brian Setzer – “You’re the Boss.” Makes me want to lindy hop.
5. The Beatles – “Michelle.” Aww I forget how much I love the Beatles.
6. Seal – “This Could Be Heaven.” Where did this come from? What is this song? Works for club twostep, though.
7. Serge Prokofiev – “Suite 2 – Romeo and Juliet Before Parting.” Sadly, my classical music reminds me of IHUM all nighters.
8. Final Fantasy X Piano Collection (Aki Kuroda) – “Inori no Uka.” This belongs on my mellow playlist.
9. Mystikal – “Still Smokin.” Okay, I have no idea what this song is doing on my computer. It will be eradicated.
10. Gattaca (Michael Nyman) – “God’s Hands.” Gattaca soundtrack is definitely one of my instrumental favorites.
11. Rent – “Halloween.” Rent: need I say more? I love the line “Single frames of one magic night forever flicker in close-up on the 3-D Imax of my mind. That’s poetic…that’s pathetic.”
12. Backstreet Boys – “Shape of My Heart.” Erm, yeah. As I said, I listen to 90s pop. Good way to dredge up memories of middle school.
13. Angelique Kidjo – “Tombo.” I like her music because it is different – blending African and Caribbean lyrics and rhythms.
14. Parliament – “Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker).” Man, ya gotta have funk. Love it.
15. Bassline Research Institute – “Shine.” I’m running out of comments, other than that my music is pretty motley.
16. Chanticleer – “O Magnum Mysterium.” This song is so incredibly beautiful, and so full of memories and feeling for me. *sigh*
17. Louis Prima – “Banana Split for My Baby.” Jazzy song for lindy-hop.
18. The Winans – “Tomorrow.” Christian rock, apparently, though I haven’t heard of the group of the album or the song before. Go figure.
19. Chanticleer – “Magnificat.” I blame iTunes for the repetition of artist. But hey, I like Chanticleer.
20. Mononoke Hime (Jo Hisaishi) – “The World of the Dead II.” Yet more soundrack; another one of my favorites.

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  1. semer wrote:

    <3 <3 <3 Chanticleer. I guess your iTunes just has good taste.

    Posted 02 Mar 2005 at 12:13

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