No one is alone

Here are some lyrics for anyone who’s been feeling lonely, or hurt, or has felt like giving up hope. No one is alone…

Sometimes people leave you
Halfway through the wood.
Others may deceive you
You decide what’s good.
You decide alone,
But no one is alone.

People make mistakes,
Fathers, mothers,
People make mistakes
Holding to their own,
Thinking they’re alone.

Someone is on your side.
Someone else is not.
While you’re seeing your side
maybe you forgot:
They are not alone.
No one is alone.

Hard to see the light now
Just don’t let it go.
Things will come out right now
We can make it so.
Someone is on your side
No one is alone.

And I apologise for all the lyrics, but sometimes music can just say it better than I ever could…

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  1. anonymous wrote:

    ooh, is that from Into the Woods???

    (I don’t know why I know that, I’ve never seen it…)

    But yaay lyrics!

    *Dalazhreia to lazy to login*

    Posted 09 Feb 2005 at 10:56
  2. xftin wrote:

    music can often say it better than I can

    Posted 09 Feb 2005 at 11:46
  3. faerieloch wrote:

    yes, it’s from Into the Woods. This song always makes me cry. *hugs*

    Posted 09 Feb 2005 at 14:28
  4. anonymous wrote:

    great song. horrible memories of ruth with it, though. :) hang in there rowyn! and yay for using livejournal, which allows me to comment!

    Posted 10 Feb 2005 at 07:21

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