Thursday December 2, 2004

Did I mention that Lea Salonga is my hero?  I adore her voice, and she has played Disney voices, AND she was in the English dub of My Neighbor Totoro (a Miyazaki film).  And she has such a good story, and she is so talented.  Wow.  But mostly I wish I had her voice.  Or Idina Menzel’s, or…or…*sigh*  Music is just so wonderful, and I’m grateful to be able to sing, even though I don’t practice enough to ever really be good.  Digressing a tad, I really want some of the music that Richard Powers plays in dance classes.  When the music has lyrics, I try to remember them and look up the songs, but a lot of the music doesn’t have lyrics which makes it difficult, and I’m a little too shy to ask him.  Oh well.  I’m still slowly building my music collection, and  now I have a decent lot of music to dance to.  Yay.

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  1. dalazhreia wrote:

    Yaay music! yaay Lea Salonga! Although Philip Quast is pretty cool too ;-)

    Posted 03 Dec 2004 at 00:17
  2. kiroin wrote:

    she did the dub for totoro? Mmmm. need to buy it and see for myself!

    Posted 10 Dec 2004 at 03:08

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