Wednesday November 10, 2004

What I love about music (I know, I know, boring repetitive blog) is that it can make me smile or feel better even when things aren’t going there best.  Don’t get me wrong, life is pretty good as these things go.  I have a lot to be happy about.  But that doesn’t stop me from getting stressed and frustrtated and overwhelmed sometimes.  But back to music.  Here I am writing a list of things to do (yup, another one, titled, “Yet more things to do”), listening to my top-rated music in iTunes on my lovely headphones and suddenly I am engulfed in the persistent beat and throbbing bass of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.”  How could you not be happy?  Especially when it is followed by yet more upbeat rock music?  Barenaked Ladies, Sister Hazel, Guster…good times.  Thank goodness for music.

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  1. Prismakaos wrote:

    damn straight, chica…we’re “rocking the casbah!”

    Posted 10 Nov 2004 at 03:58
  2. forgetmeknot wrote:

    hey rowyn!  i got your message and i’m sorry i haven’t called you back.  i’ve been really busy (and will continue to be until thanksgiving) with stupid papers and the like (math midterm on wednesday!  eek!) so i will hopefully talk to you during or after break.  good luck with your work and hope all is going well :)


    Posted 15 Nov 2004 at 18:12

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