Friday November 5, 2004

Though it looked entirely avoidable, my state from most of last year has once again descended upon me.  My academics (mostly just PWR, really) are falling apart at the seams, which means that so are my sanity, self-respect, and sleep habits.  I wish I could say it were just last night and being up too late on this one assignment and I won’t do it again, but I think it is safe to say I am officially screwed for the rest of the quarter.  Go me for managing that one.

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  1. Prismakaos wrote:

    breathe deeply, you’ll pull through…

    Posted 05 Nov 2004 at 14:07
  2. dalazhreia wrote:

    owww…. good luck with everything… you will survive.

    Posted 05 Nov 2004 at 16:44

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