Monday August 23, 2004

I’m allowed to be excited that class enrollment is open on axess, right?  I don’t actually care about enrolling right now, but I have been waiting for the time schedule to come out so I can start getting a sense of my classes for the fall.  I have to admit to being utterly neurotic and anal; I made a comprehensive table of classes I want to take this year, which quarter they are offered, how many units, how important they are to me, and now (for fall classes) the times for each class.  I like that Axess now lets you view a weekly class schedule (as a sort of calendar), so I won’t have to make my own in Excel (although I probably will make one to chart different course options).  Yes, I am obsessive and a control freak.  Oh, but I was excited that this quarter there is a ‘history of the waltz’ class taught by Richard Powers on Wednesday night.  Maybe I can convince David to take it with me.  Anyway, back to work I go.  I just had to share my excitement at finally having class times online.  SoCo housing is also supposed to be posted later today. Yay.

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  1. spamchang wrote:

    lol, yeah i’d be excited except that i have stupid research to do :p i like the new course schedule calendar option too.

    Posted 23 Aug 2004 at 14:52
  2. Voltaire042 wrote:

    Here’s 2 props for “excellent organizational skills.”  History of the Waltz enrollment is done and done.

    Posted 23 Aug 2004 at 21:33

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