Sunday May 23, 2004

This weekend: fun, anxious, surprising, pleasing.

Rousseau (I’m writing an essay on Emile for IHUM):

“The love of oneself is always good and always in conformity with order.”

“Choice, preferences, and personal attachments are the work of enlightenment, prejudice, and habit.  Time and knowledge are required to make us capable of love.”

“I do not conceive how someone who needs nothing can love anything.  I do not conceive how someone who loves nothing can be happy.”

[Edit: 12:41 AM]
Do extremes of emotion breed more extremes of emotion?  I don’t know how else to account for my anger and frustration right now.  I am probably more truly upset than I have been in a while, which isn’t to say I have any cause or right to be so.  But I am so bloody angry that I actually swore (and I don’t mean in Brit).  Of course, I still have 4 pages of paper to write on two different papers, which doesn’t account at all for revision and the like.  Damn it, I’m just so emotionally riled up right now.  I wish I could focus….

[Edit 5:33 AM]
I’m too weak to even pull a real all nighter.  But after caffeine my body is yelling at me to get to bed before it falls apart.  And I basically finished PWR even though I won’t have an IHUM paper to turn in tomorrow.  Such is the life of the disfunctional, the distracted, the procrastinator, the anti-nocturnal.

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  1. Prismakaos wrote:

    …extremes of emotion do breed more extremes of emotion.  they tend to feed on themselves, like parasites.  …we’re silly emotional people.  eventually, we may become logical, but i sure as hell hope not.  i’d rather feel too deeply than not at all….

    Posted 24 May 2004 at 05:56

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