Cross step

You know what is enjoyable? Cross step waltz. Whether following with my eyes closed, giving my partner my full trust, or leading in role reversal, reveling in the control, it is a good experience. I need to find a consistent version of Ashokan Farewell to waltz to because it begs to be waltzed to. I do like waltzing to Dave Matthews’ “Satellite,” for whatever reason. I should see what other songs I have might be good for dancing to. Between dancing and singing it is a hard call to say which I like more. I’m not great at either, but I’m proficient at the least, and I certainly enjoy both. Singing my heart out to songs just in my range makes me feel competent and even though I’m not expressive it is still an emotional outlet. Dancing I need to let go more, and just enjoy it. I should also learn how to lead. Perhaps I will take social dance II again next year as a lead. Mostly I think I just need more experience and to learn more dances. I highly recommend dancing to anyone who has ever considered trying it, and the social dance classes at Stanford as good a place as any (and better than most) to start. Of course, it isn’t for everyone. For some reason I seem to be getting more satisfaction out of things I don’t do with my mind these days. Music and dancing and juggling are about as anti-intellectual as I get. I generally have a hard time staying focused on purely academic thinking, which is probably why it is 12:30 AM and the only work I’ve done today is less than 10 pages of IHUM reading *from last Monday.* Ack. Must work tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that…

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