Saturday April 17, 2004

Excitement of the day: FIRE.  So I’m walking back from brunch and see crowds of people standing around and walk a bit further to see what they’re staring at.  There’s this leaping, energetic brushfire in the juniper bushes outside some of the graduate housing across the street from Stern.  Most people were standing around watching, more interested than scared, while people slowly trickled out of the building.  The fire started getting bigger quickly; it was right next to the building but we couldn’t see whether it was actually in the building.  By the time the firemen got there it was already raining little pieces of ash, and as soon as they started hosing the fire it created huge clouds of smoke which the wind quickly spread all over Escondido.  So now things smell kinda smoky, but hopefully they’ve finished putting it out and no one was hurt and it stayed outside the building.  Anyway, back to work.

[1:57 AM]
I realise sometimes that I’m not well equipped to deal with the real world. I feel awful for Alison, who has to take care of Cara when she comes back so smashed that she can barely sit up. I feel like I should help, but then I realise how utterly clueless I am. So Alison and I were both going to bed when Cara got back, and Alison stayed up to deal with her. Then Cara climbed into bed and ten minutes later vomited all over the place, causing me to run out of the room to find Alison and an RA. Alison’s gone to sleep in a friend’s room, but I couldn’t find anyone up, so I’m just shutting the inner door and sleeping on the floor by my desk, without my alarm, or my teddy bear, and with a borrowed pillow and sleeping bag. I think I’m going to cry.

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  1. jean_nie wrote:

    oh WOW… every time the fire alarm at lag goes off, it’s always the result of burnt popcorn or something trivial like that

    Posted 17 Apr 2004 at 21:42
  2. cellowest wrote:

    sounds like you need a good blanket and a hug.  sorry that stuff like that happens :(

    Posted 18 Apr 2004 at 14:24

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