Saturday April 10, 2004

A few things before I go to sleep:

1). Jammix was lots of fun.  I really enjoy dancing, and it was so gratifying to finally go to a real dance where guys ask girls to dance.  So I danced with a lot of people who were better than I was, but I can’t imagine the results were anything but good.  I probably was a bit clumsy, but I did my best to follow, and after doing something two or three times I think I got the hang.  It was really really nice that advanced dancers had the patience to keep doing a step until I picked it up.  Overall a very good experience.

2). Need to get many things done this weekend, and mostly I’m scared of PWR.  We’ll see.  I just have to use the time wisely, and then enjoy myself thoroughly in the evenings :).

3). Found out today that one of my friends from high school had missed some school on account of depression and is now on anti-depressants and seeing a therapist.  It makes me unhappy that people are unhappy, clinically or otherwise.  Sometimes I get a bit bitter and wonder what’s so much more wrong with anyone else than with me that they need treatment, but then I must remind myself that I probably don’t have any idea what some people go through and that I should be content with the way things are and not need to feel special by joining the ever-growing ranks of Americans diagnosed with depressive disorders.  One of those things that makes me want to study psychology or whatever it is that would investigate something like depression in America.

4).  Sadly, the rest of what’s on my mind had best not float around public internet spaces.  I need to find out how to link to more of an entry or just protect part of an entry or something.  Hmm.  Aww but one last note…just got a really sweet e-mail from Paul…I’m so lucky…anyway, good night world.

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