Wednesday March 31, 2004

What do I do when I’ve learned information OOC that might be useful IC?  Pretend not to know it?  I learned today that “S” is still in America, which leads me to wonder how we’ll get in touch with him and how much use his physical location will be.  He might be flown out to Italy, I suppose.  I also learned that last night the Ambassador was kidnapped again, knowledge which I do not believe is public.  Furthermore, Albert Andersen’s wife Aline was also kidnapped, but she was an extra so I guess that can’t matter quite as much.  Muaha now I have four thugs and two assassins trailing me, plus liner body armor.  And a gun, of course.  But no ability to use it, though I’m pretty solid on defence and persistence.  That’s about it for today, although apparently the police are trying to get a warrant to search the Geosynch compound, which doesn’t bode well for us.

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  1. dalazhreia wrote:

    hmph. Extras are people too.

    Posted 31 Mar 2004 at 22:47
  2. spamchang wrote:

    this is one drawn out larp =P

    Posted 31 Mar 2004 at 23:25
  3. wytehare wrote:

    Dude Sam, get with the picture.  It’s *epic* LARP.

    Posted 01 Apr 2004 at 00:23

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