Wednesday March 31, 2004

Random in-character journaling for lack of anything better to do:

This evening was a dinner at the Tusan Villa of the Sunshine family, a wealthy and respected family in high society.  They threw the party in honor of the American Ambassador to Italy, who was kidnapped by a small Italian criminal group but quickly rescued by the strike team of the American “Agency” in Italy.  I talked to so many people it is really hard to keep track of them all.  Several fellow scientists, though I didn’t have much of a chance to see how much they really know.  In fact in general I didn’t acquire much useful information for Geosynch.  I spoke to both Mr.  and Mrs. Sunshine, and they seemed like nice people, but I couldn’t figure out much about them.

Apparently Mrs. Sunshine is interested in art; it is a shame I didn’t get to speak to her more about that, because I think I could have used my art knowledge to greater advantage.  Dr. Sunshine is very enthusiastic about his upcoming visit to Mt. Vesuvius to investigate what caused its erruption.  As far as I could tell he didn’t seem to know anything about the seismic crystal, and theorized some sort of seismic pulse originating in Pompei.  However, late in the evening Mr. Sunshine went missing.  He disappeared unexpectedly and without explanation, and we left the party before anyone found out what had happened to him.  The Ambassador himself also left rather suddenly, apparently called away on business at the Embassy.  I hope he left with some protection, since a repeat of his kidnapping would be unenviable. 

Several other people left without any explanation that I heard.  An odd man named Pablo, who apparently answered the general invitation that the Sunshines sent out, came and left, as did Justin someone-or-other, apparently another art afficionado.  I made the brief acquaintance of one of the wives of a member of the Agency, but she also disappeared without her husband or any explanation some way into the evening.  I suppose people could merely have left for personal reasons, but with all that is at stake right now I have my suspicions.

(semi IC…not really)  I felt somewhat useless this evening; I wasn’t really sure what I was allowed to disclose about current work at Geosynch.  Obviously nothing about the bomb or the orbital laser, but I (ooc) don’t actually know much else about what we do.  Apparently anything electronicy but not so much computery.  GPS, satellites, terrestrial-something-or-others.  I also realised I have no background….where the heck am I from?  I speak Uzbek and Japanese, but being from Japan seems unlikely, so I might as well be from Uzbekistan.  Maybe my parents were descendants of Japanese who fled Japan during WWII, and I learned Japanese that way.  In any case they’re both deceased.  Or maybe I learned Japanese in school.  And I went to school in Afghanistan, but I need an alibi because people aren’t supposed to know about the Institute.  Where the heck would I have studied?  America?  There isn’t anywhere in Uzbekistan, I presume.  England?  Japan?  Gah. 

So my goal is to come up with a sounder background for myself, put my abilities to use, and learn to technobabble.  I realised I can babble about art just fine but I’m not as good with technobabbling.  It also can’t be as random because people actually care about what products we might theoretically be working on.  So I need to make up some stuff like that, and get a personality.  Shame on me.  *sigh*

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  1. Prismakaos wrote:

    you’ll do just fine.  make up shit.  that’s what i was doing all night.

    Posted 31 Mar 2004 at 02:29
  2. spamchang wrote:

    lol a larp eh?

    Posted 31 Mar 2004 at 12:11

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