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So Friday night I went home to see a production of Les Miserables at my high school. Since I graduated, they have finished building a beautiful new theatre, a step up from the auditorium I performed in for four years. So Les Miz is by nature a really wonderful musical…the music and characters are beautiful and rich. I’ve seen Les Miz before in San Francisco, though only once, and I’m generally familiar with its music. But that didn’t stop me from being utterly overwhelmed by the performance I saw. It was only high school students, but their voices soared, and their characters moved me. People stood to applaud at intermission. At intermission. The show was simply professional quality, and by the end I was swept up in a combination of emotions I hardly know how to describe. I was crying because the ending scenes were so moving, but I was joyous somehow because it was so wonderful so I stood their applauding, tears running down my face, so happy to have heard the music that I love and had a chance to see the show. I feel silly trying to describe it and obviously I’m no objective judge, but the show was amazing. I don’t think even the actors really knew how amazing it was, but they made me laugh and cry and want to lift my voice and join them singing about life and death and love and war and comradeship and betrayal…this show has it all. I just…wow.

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  1. ellen wrote:

    yaay. i can feel the happiness…

    Posted 14 Mar 2004 at 22:12
  2. bryan wrote:

    i LOVE Les Miserables. Some of the songs are so powerful, like “Empty Chairs and Empty Tables” and “Bring Him Home.” Good stuff :)

    Posted 15 Mar 2004 at 12:45
  3. Jackie wrote:

    dude i really know what you mean! i saw it on saturday! i’m going to see it on wednesday too. what cast did you see? it was so awesome! almost the entire cast was just so strong!

    Posted 16 Mar 2004 at 00:06

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