1. I have a LOT of work and it isn’t getting done.

2. I am either addicted to the internet or a chronic time waster or both. Probably both.

3. I am still stick. Or again. Or something.

4. I should stop blogging and go read IHUM.

5. I like the Bing Wing of Green Library a lot. It is pretty. It makes me happy.

6. College is too much for me…

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  1. Mr. Fish wrote:

    Our entries sound so similar, it’s like we could be related or something! Bad you being up so late…wait…I’m up a whole HOUR later than you. Ahhh!! We’re in agreement here except for the whole college thing. Ooooh how I would like to be out of high school. I know the work thing is terrible, but DORMS!! and HALO!!! Whenever you’re feeling down just go play with Casey, I bet he’d be happy to smash evil aliens with you. I know I would :)

    Posted 01 Mar 2004 at 01:10

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