The Rowan Tree

MENTAL ASSOCIATIONS: The Rowan tree gives the feeling of that it has all the answers to life’s little dilemmas. That simply being in its presence the worry we came with has already been fixed.
SPIRITUAL CONNECTIONS: This tree hints to the answers and the strength we have within ourselves. It is the coming of focus when we are near this tree. Within ourselves all is cleared away so that we can hear the spirit and understand.
THE MESSAGE: This is the time to reflect and learn from past mistakes. That even through hardships can we also learn to share with others who are not like ourselves.
THE LESSON: To slow down and watch as others around you reveal their true paths and intentions.
PEOPLE WHO ARE THE TREE: Rowan people are truly the individual. They are the loners but spontaneous and can converse with everyone on every subject. They do not tend to cultivate close relationships but rather enjoy the company of themselves. This does not mean they do not have friendships, they enjoy crowds and parties but relationships with others is just not priority with them. Rowan people are very giving in nature which tell that they do not look to be in circles of others, but rather are willing to help bring out the best in those who want to be part of their circle.
THE DIFFICULT ROWAN PERSON: Can lose site of their own path or calling and try to experience everyone else’s path. Seeking to fill a void they lost when they forget how to enjoy their own company, they compare themselves to others. They get lost in the neighbors grass seeming to be greener than their own.

Ah if only…

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