So I’m still blogging despite being off AIM

Just to revisit:

RowynM has been diagnosed with a serious disorder: AIM Additction. GROTSO (Gradual Reduction of Time Spent Online) therapy has proved unsuccessful, leaving no alternative but complete removal of AIM and behavioural therapy to encourage healthier alternatives such as IPC and TPC (In-Person Conversation and Telephone Conversation). For information on how you can help call (650) 999-999 or visit the KRIC Office at Branner Hall, Stanford, CA.

*This message is brought to you by the Keep Rowyn In College Foundation*

Join KRIC’s new initiative, NIMA (Neighborhood Instant Messaging Alert). If you see or suspect that RowynM is talking online, call the NIMA hotline at (650) 999-9999. A trained technician will take your call and give you certified advice on how to respond to potentially harmful situations, including denial, stubborness, and willful time-wasting. Join NIMA today and help prevent continued additction and its harmful side effects (including sleep loss, self-debasement, obsession, etc).

*This message brought to you by the Keep Rowyn In College Foundation*

So I’m beginning to think the problem is just the internet in general. It is so…vast and distracting. But I haven’t been on AIM, not even AIM Express. Sad how hard it is. Maybe if I hold out for long enough I’ll break the additction for good.

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