Ellen, whatever are you going to do? Please be happy…Scott, you too. I mean I’m not one to talk. But really, there is so much to life, and I worry that you worry so much. Both of you. In your own ways. Sometimes I wish emotions would just die, but then, as you know Scott, I realise that I don’t wish that at all. I just at least wish I had more control over the ones I don’t want. Which isn’t saying much. I want everyone to be happy…and obviously no one can make everyone happy. But if there’s anything I *can* do….I dunno. I wish that there was faerie dust like that in a Midsummer Night’s Dream, to make everything work out in the end. I want all the lonely people to have someone….I want my sis to find that perfect punk rock skateboarder emo guy she talks about sometimes. I want Alex to find the sweetest, most kind guy ever to make her feel special and loved once and for all. I want everyone to have enough hugs. I want everyone to have Lion-King moments. I don’t know. Idealism….

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  1. Ellen wrote:

    hehe… I worry in my own special ways…

    Idealism is a good thing as long as it is not disguised as… whaddayacallit. As long as you don’t actually think it’s a highly feasible goal.

    And actually, referring to MSN’sD in a vacuum (i.e. not having any other layers of meaning) that faerie dust pisses me off. I mean, it’s like, so everybody’s back to normal – except Demetrius, who has to go through the rest of his life in a counterfeit haze of love. And how’s Helena supposed to feel, knowing (although of course she doesn’t) that Dem. has no choice in his emotions about her? What if she turns out to be grumpy and whiny, or worse yet, gets tired of Demetrius, and he has no choice to love her, hopelessly and endlessly for the rest of his life with no hope of solace….

    But I’m happy, actually, in my own special ways…

    And it’s all worth it in the end.

    Posted 19 Feb 2004 at 13:47

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