How does one spell that anyway? So the moral of the story is go to math midterm review sessions and more than one of your problems will be solved. You will know more math, AND if you’re me you’ll get free milk and have breakfast set for another week or two! Yes! So life at this very moment is good. Oh, and I’m less sick, I think, although still coughing like a hyena. Is that a valid simile? Whatever.

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  1. Ellen wrote:

    It’s certainly a _valid_ simile – it uses the word “like” to draw a comparison between two unlike things, i.e. Rowyn and a hyena; whether it makes sense is up for debate however.
    (i know you know i know that’s what you meant…)

    oh, and yaay breakfast. Breakfast is good.

    Posted 24 Feb 2004 at 15:04

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