Wednesday December 10, 2003

I am going to bed, really, I promise.  But first a brief thanks to Daniel for being so very nice and cheering me up.  :)

Now, to bed.  Sam, if you’re reading this stop now and don’t comment.

[edit 2:24 PM]

So chem final is in an hour and what am I doing?  Looking at pictures from Revels online.  Everyone looks so wonderful and beautiful…it has made me cry to feel once more the gaping hole in my life without Revels this year.  I guess change isn’t bad, but it certainly can be painful.  I know I’ll get to see everyone when I go see the show, but I wonder if it will almost be harder seeing them all onstage and not being there with them.  Oh dear, making myself teary again.  Back to chem.

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  1. Prismakaos wrote:

    hah!  but you neglected me!!  Yay daniel!

    Posted 10 Dec 2003 at 05:11
  2. dalazhreia wrote:

    You must be taking it right now… Well, I will send my good luck vibes over… [concentrates]ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

    [at the exact same moment, Rowyn suddenly realizes what equation she needs to use to solve the most difficult problem on the test]

    oh, wait. By the time you read this it will have been over. Therefore: yaay Rowyn! You survived your Chem final!

    Posted 10 Dec 2003 at 19:01

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