Friday December 5, 2003

More wasting time, courtesy of [edit] Inga ;-).

You are Storm! You are very strong and very protective of those
you love. You are in tune with nature and are
very concerned with justice and humanity.
Unfortunately, certain apprehensions and fears
are very hard for you to overcome, and can
often inhibit you when most need to be strong.

Which X-Men character are you most like?
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  1. Prismakaos wrote:

    hey, that quiz is courtesy me, dammit.

    Posted 05 Dec 2003 at 05:37
  2. wytehare wrote:

    Sorry…I just saw it on Sam’s blog first.

    Posted 05 Dec 2003 at 12:34
  3. forgetmeknot wrote:

    Hey, I’m Storm too!  Did you see the new choir dresses?  Pics of the Winter Concert on the website…worse than before, I think.  I was gonna wear my choir dress but decided that I didn’t want to relive all of those memories…good and not-so-good.

    Posted 06 Dec 2003 at 16:54

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