Saturday November 8, 2003

Pulling an all-nighter Thursday was rough for me physically and emotionally, and I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me make it through.  Thank you to everyone who gave me a hug, or coffee to help me stay awake, or a quick shoulder rub, or even just kind words and encouragement.  I know I’ll forget someone, but thank you to Branner people – Kimi, Erik, Danny, Kevin, Jess, Allison – to the IM night owls – Inga, Sam – and to friends near and far – Paul, Matt, Morgan, Scott, and Ellen.

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  1. spamchang wrote:

    awwww thanks =)  if you want red bull, just gimme a yell =P

    Posted 08 Nov 2003 at 14:25
  2. Prismakaos wrote:

    sam, you bleed for us…my god, and your blood!  it’s red bull! …thanks, rowyn…you know we’ll always be around to help.

    Posted 08 Nov 2003 at 19:29
  3. ecofanat1c wrote:

    Awwwwwww, you’re welcome rowyn! I’m glad that that day is over for you!

    Posted 09 Nov 2003 at 06:04
  4. forgetmeknot wrote:

    dude, red bull is seriously bad for you.  you go through a huge low the day after.  but i’m glad you got through that.  it sounds like a nightmare.  (although you’d probably have preferred to have a real nightmare, since you’d at least be sleeping…uh…yeah)

    Posted 15 Nov 2003 at 20:16

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