A pointless day

I am already flagging in accomplishing anything this week. The only semi-productive things I did today were installing Microsoft Office on my laptop and entering two months worth of receipt in my mother’s checkbook register. That’s *all*. For the WHOLE day. Okay, so I typed up a page of stuff for my mother. Hardly any work. I just am so non-functional when it is hot. There are so many things to do and I am not doing them! Tomorrow I must do better. I will deprive myself of sleep and go to Target early enough to beat the worst of the heat. Maybe. I will start going to bed earlier, getting up earlier, and being more motivated. I will go to Target, I will visit Mr. I, I will see Paul, I will visit Lisa, I will get together with Alex, and I will maybe even vacuum the dining room. Maybe. Oh, and I will go to the bank and fix my ATM card, mail in all my rebates, go to the library, visit Mr. M, e-mail Ms. Eaton, talk to Mr. Peterson, install more RAM on my computer, and start packing for college. Wait, no, nix on that last one.

I guess I better start right now by getting offline and going to bed before it gets to be midnight again. Yeah, I know the post time is wrong. Probably central or eastern. Right now, for the record, it is 11:35 PM.

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