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Today I read an article about advertising and how there are many “guerilla”-type strategies for advertising such as putting brand names in video games. This was no surprise to me, and neither was the fact that much of today’s advertising targets teenagers. What surprised me were the statistics about teen shopping habits. It said that 76% of teens go to the mall in an average week, and spend several hours there. Now before this week, I think the last time I went to the mall was *at least * two months ago, and I only went to one store and only bought one item: a dress for senior ball. Furthermore, this article included the statistic that teens spend an average of $92 a week. Wow. My largest purchases ever are less than that amount, and I spend money on things other than food so infrequently that I couldn’t possibly average out to anything that high. How is that possible? Do they count Britney Spears as a teen? Hmm maybe the average is high because of one-time purchases (e.g. graduation thingers like computers or mp3 players or something). I’m trying to think of anything expensive I’ve bought…thumbdrive wasn’t more than $35, dress was maybe $45, opal earrings around $50. Yeah, and those kinds of purchases occur once a month at most. Well, guess I’m just below average. Heh.

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  1. likewise subaverage shopper gi wrote:

    well, a while ago i was talking to a girl in dance class who was whining about how she had no money; as the conversation progressed it turned out she _has_ a job, and _had_ earned about $2000 (if i remember correctly) and _did_ spend it all buying clothes &etc at the mall.

    what can I say? below average = w00t.

    Posted 29 Jul 2003 at 11:59

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