1. Saw the Matrix Reloaded. Cool, I guess, but lacking finesse. Don’t hurt me.

2. Senior ball tonight…lots of getting ready to do at some point. Many things to consider. Looking forward to it, though

3. Service paper due Monday. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.

So the moral of the story is, I should write at least two pages today, this morning, before I get ready for senior ball. Or even all of it, really, because I don’t want my enjoyment of tonight cut off early because of an obligation to sleep in order to be able to do the paper tomorrow. Maybe I will go buy a case of caffeine-drinks and not sleep at all this weekend. haha. I wish I knew how to just get things done decently, not even well. For me, it is always stay-up-really-late-and-get-it-done-pretty-well or give-up-go-to-bed-and-not-finish and then either turn it in not done or late. It would be better if I finished it without staying up late or turning it in late, which I would be able to do if I cared less and were able to live with really lousy writing. Not that it is very good at 1 AM anyway. Well, off I go. May the force be with you (me?).

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