Sunburn etc. (oh, the creativity abounds)

I don’t know why but I don’t really enjoy amusement parks that much. I’d rather read. Or better yet, sleep! Mmm, sleep. The word has become one of those high ideals to be viewed with awe and resignation, for it will never be attained. Sunburt shoulders, by the way. Oh well. Maybe it’ll fade sort of into tanness. Haha. I should get some sleep, but I have to finish my blasted memory board first. Fortunately I’ll have my sister’s aid, without which the project would be doubly time consuming and half as nice. Well, for now, that’s all folks.

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  1. dragon wrote:

    i know this is irrelevant but i thought you would appreciate it.

    ( ‘;’)


    Posted 30 May 2003 at 23:49
  2. another dragon wrote:

    ooh the initial spacing turned out bad didn’t it. Trying again.
    * (\(\ *
    * ( ‘;’) *
    * o(‘_(“)(“) *
    bunnyrabbit inna box…

    Posted 30 May 2003 at 23:51
  3. same dragon again wrote:


    Posted 30 May 2003 at 23:52

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