Reality check

So for a while I thought that things really had changed and I really got to be a second semester senior, then I realized it was just a respite. So I’m back at the grind in my usual state of not-getting-enough-done-ness with an econ paper due in a week, a chem AP in two days, and a personal narrative due in a few days. And those are just the things I’m letting myself remember. ‘Course, this wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t keep having plans…concert, wedding shower, mother’s day, get my dress altered, see Matrix Reloaded, senior ball, sleep…*sigh*

Welcome back to the real world…maybe in my next life I can be my cat. He sleeps in the sun all day, and when he wants love and attention he just has to ask for it and he’s gratified. His life must be the most comfortable I can think of, and I wouldn’t mind having that kind of life. Argh so many things to do…I’m getting that slightly panic-y I’m incompetent feeling. Well, obviously being online isn’t helping. So bed it is, despite my misgivings about the work I failed to do today. Oh dear….

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