One, two, buckle my shoe

Blank mind. Blank. Oh yes, a personal narrative to write. How does one get rid of bad habits? I seem to have such trouble. I wrote an Ode to Star Testing today in econ because I needed an English journal entry for the week of April 21. Heh. My new hobby is setting bedtime goals and failing to reach them. Mmm naps are my fwiend. On a side note, I’m trying hard not to think much about anything at all, and I just learned today that I have some really bad singing techniques. Which makes me unhappy and self conscious. *cynical laugh* Not that it is terribly hard to make me feel that way. Wouldn’t it be nice sometimes, I wonder, to not be me? I (as I am now) wouldn’t necessarily want to be the kind of person I would be if I were someone else, but I (as someone else) would probably not be aware or care. Wow, that didn’t make sense. I guess the point is, for example, if I had less self-restraint I wouldn’t be aware that I had less self restraint so it wouldn’t matter. Or if I were disrespectful I would obviously not care that I was disrespectful, so it wouldn’t matter. Yeah, yeah, so that’s not what I want. Sometimes I just think…

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  1. Karzan wrote:

    ‘kay… that last sentance… you’ve got a subject… you’ve got a verb… but you’re kinda missing the object…

    Posted 16 May 2003 at 02:08
  2. Elosc wrote:

    It doesn’t NEED an object. Think can be transitive or intransitive.

    If you were someone else though, with (for example, less self-restraint), you would still be fundamentally you, though, and so mightn’t you wonder what you would be like with more self-restraint?

    But yah, it wouldn’t matter . so why bother?

    Posted 17 May 2003 at 11:03
  3. Me wrote:

    I don’t know what she was feeding the ravens… bread crumbs? Or rather, pieces of code masquerading as bread crumbs. heh. Oh, and yeah, I know I didn’t have an object. Hence the trailing of “…” (a staple of my written vocabulary).

    Posted 17 May 2003 at 12:10

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