Thank God for band concerts

I hate getting to things at the wrong time. That’s what makes me afraid even when I get there at the right time. To make a long story short, if there hadn’t been a band concert tonight at school I would have been stranded BY MYSELF at school, and would have been feeling VERY unsafe. Then again, I probably would have started to cry (I did, actually) and called people until someone felt sorry enough for me to come get me and take me home. When I talk about crying I feel like I sound like I cry all the time and it is no big deal, but I really don’t cry that much. Or didn’t, until this year. I guess I’m just on the edge more because I’m stressed and fatigued. Man, it is making me cry just writing this. *sigh* It all ends up being okay, because of the people in the world. There are so many good, kind, generous people, and they redeem all of my trivialities and complaints. I wish I could really get across to my friends how much they mean to me…

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